Local Pubs

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There are no longer any pubs in Stow Longa. Over the years there have been some though. The village had a pub at the railway where Sunnyside Farm is now called Railway Tavern which was still open during the 2nd W/War, there was one on the village green and the last thatched cottage on the way out of the village towards Spaldwick was also a pub. As circumstances changed over the years they have all run out of custom and had to close.
When the WW2 airbase was built between Stow Longa and Kimbolton, it cut the road from there and while there were personnel on the base, there were customers. After the war the base was finally decommissioned and the personnel all left, but it took a little longer to re-open the road, so the last pub had to close.

The closest pubs now are in Spaldwick and Kimbolton. A longer walk for the brave can take you to Ellington, Tilbrook and Catworth. Get together with friends and nominate a driver and all the pubs listed here are a few minutes away by car.
Don't forget to mention you found the pub details at StowLonga.org.uk. Follow the links for more details about each pub.

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