The Village Green

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The Stow Longa Village Community (SLVC) Committee wanted to make some improvements to the play area in the village.
They wanted to give the kids more options than the swings that were the only items of play furniture there.
They also recognised that adults are less likely to use the swings than the kids and that the village green could offer more to everyone.

Working with the parish council, and after asking the kids what they wanted, they acquired a five aside goal post from Wicksteed Ltd.
For the adults, they installed The Huntingdon Seat, providing a place to sit and gossip or just keep an eye on the five a side.

There is also a picnic table near the swings. It was originally provided by the Womens Insitute. After about twelve years, the wood started to rot. The Parish Council replaced it with one made from recycled plastic that should last indefinitely. It provides another place to sit and gossip or perhaps arrange to meet a neighbour prior to a country walk, or to regroup afterwards.

The Village green provides a space used regularly to stage the annual Village Bar-b-q and the annual Village Show.

The SLVC were recently delighted to make a successful bid for funds available from the Huntingdon Post that they used to buy some tables and other items much needed for our village events.
They have also raised funds to acquire a 12meter by 6meter (40' by 20') marquee. It is also available for any villager to use and a donation to SLVC village funds is always appreciated. Such a large tent normally needs at least six people and takes a couple of hours to erect.

Play Area

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