Village funds

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We would like to generate some form of kitty that we can draw upon to help provide the children of the village with some events directed specifically at them and help to cushion the blow of setting up the next event for the adults. We have opened a bank account at Barclays as Stow Longa Village Community which requires any two out of three signatories to sign cheques.
We want to be totally transparent about funds, events, organisation and what people think of the way things are done.

If you would like to donate funds to help us organise future events, you can do so via cheque, please hand it to a committee member.
You can also donate money using the PayPal service, which can also accept credit and debit cards if you don't have a PayPal account. Please remember though, that a charge of 5.25% is deducted from us by PayPal on credit and debit card transactions.

Our sponsors.
All the banner adverts on the top of each page of the site work in a similar way, some pay us 5p or 3p whenever someone new clicks on them, some pay a sales commission. We have chosen adverts that do not generate popup windows, if you find that any advert starts to open new windows, please tell us and we will remove that advert. We hope you find the adverts are for appropriate things and that you find the links useful.
Please feel free to click on them, it could make some money for us.

One of the well known sites that pays us a commission is Amazon. Please remember whenever you are going to purchase something from them, that if you use the link from our website to get to the Amazon site, we get a small amount of commission. The price to you remains the same, so you can donate to the village without it costing you anything. Please take a look at their best sellers on the home page.
Whatever the arrangement between the websites, the cost to the public remains the same.

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