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Merry Christmas

Welcome to the village web site.

We want to encourage a community spirit within Stow Longa and see more social events in the village. We hope to help the village when it needs things such as funds or fun when we need a break. We want to get things moving and we're inviting everyone to join in.

What's on the site -

We have useful information about the village and the parish council. We have village notices and events, there are sections for gardening and the local pubs. You can browse through pictures to revive memories and a starting point for linking to outside internet sites which have plenty of information about our village. We want to take everyone's views into account, so please pass them on.
If you register your details, you can tell us how you want us to contact you (or not!) and book events you are interested in. Booking for events will help us enormously to gauge numbers. When you register you can tell us your email address, which saves us the walk to everyone's letter box and we can be greener by not using paper.
You can subscribe to our feeds so that you are always aware of anything new - click the RSS Feeds or RSS Feeds button on your browser's tool bar.

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas spirit is upon us! Well... perhaps just a few of us... but if you do feel like standing outside in the cold and singing to your neighbours, you'll be needing this invaluable service for honing your carolling skills :-
Christmas carols, words and accompaniment

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